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Saturday, 13 July 2013

Why exactly the Norway Legislation needs INNOVATION

Why exactly 
the Norway Legislation needs 

                   © Nirupam Banerjee, India
Perhaps the most fierce concept of Modern Book-piracy is to form a GROUP & connect to a NETWORK (e.g. ISP + Google + Ad Companies + PayPal). 

The group carries out a series of TORRENTIAL rain style quite small but relentless downloads (with each member copying a tiny portion like a drop of rain e.g. say max 1% of the Book size,so that the 'Fair Use' clause of the Copyright Law is always obeyed). Finally there's a coordinator in the group, just joining all the downloads. And the 'Torrential Rain' sweeps away the Terrain of the Intellectual Property.

This is why it's called TORRENT style piracy.

If the Producer (Publisher/Writer) accuses in the Court, the Lawyer of the E-pirates will say:

<< Even the Coordinator hasn't done anything illegal, let alone the others in the Group who personally always downloaded within 1%, which is allowed in the Copyright Legislation still running from the last century.>>

If the Copyright Holder (e.g. Original Publisher) still says: 

<< No. He's rather the leader of the Gang. He's a criminal." 

The Lawyer (of the Pirates) will then announce:

"What is the definition of Criminal, Hon'ble Justice? 
Don't let them use this violent word here & there."

And then the Lawyer can essentially finish off the ARGUMENT with:

"Your Honour!
The Coordinator under 'question' actually JUST links. (He/she is not even aware of 'the contents' of EACH of those 1% size Book/Music/Movie files) 
The Coordinator just links to the OTHER download links;-)

So..., so our Website is absolutely LEGAL:-)"

And the Pirates shall come out with not even a drop of punishment.

So the New Legislation from NORWAY (May 2013) has to be INNOVATIVE............

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