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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Sumit's X-ray Insight

Sumit's X-ray Insight

Sumit, the guy to my next door in the east, forecasts/evaluates the future of the Bengali Publishers.

A great thing I earlier noticed about this eastern neighbour (especially since 2008) is that, he has a certain Intellectual Prowess to X-ray the SOCIAL problems. When I asked him: How do you reach the conclusions?—he replied: 'It requires Intellectual Insight.'

Let us now see how his INTELLECT scans the Bengali Publishers. He even forecasts.

Sumit opines that the Local publishing industry is actually dying out

On elaboration, he continued: 

These local publishers don't really update themselves. And they will never do so

Sumit even warned me:

"Be professional."

What do you mean?—I uttered.

If you ever write a book, do it in the ENGLISH.—Sumit explained.  

His main points about the Local/Bengali publishers:
  • They are not Arts-based; they are Arts-BIASED
  • They have specific topics, outside which they will never publish on their OWN
  • They are far away from the modern world of the Internet
  • They like to avoid Science & Technology 
  • They have a parochial mindset—unlike the Western publishers
  • They are frogs in the well; they don't even track where the global publishing is going  
To tell the empiric evidence of Sumit's INSIGHT, it may be well mentioned that when I asked in phone (February 2013) a simple compact question to, more than one, top publishers (Ananda & Deys) viz: 

"Do you sell E-books?"

the reply from the receptionist came in both cases, of the same type:

"What book? What did you say??"


"What E-book is???"

I was astonished to see the 'coincidence' of the exact style of answer from the two Publishing Houses, which people consider as belonging to the TOP publishers.♦

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