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Sunday, 14 July 2013

E-book vs. the LOCAL publishers

© Nirupam Banerjee, India 

Indian Bengali Publishers' oblivion about the E-book, was explained earlier by a Neighbour living in the immediate eastern house of mine (Sumit) as the reflection of their Anti-technology BIAS.

But now it seems: there is another aspect to their seeming ignorance (or lack of drive) about the E-book. This is COMMERCIAL.

The Western publishers, who are relatively Tech-savvy, (in fact much tech-savvy than the India-based Bengalee publishers) now sense the HEAT.

This is also systematically reported in the Internet. The Bengali publishers may or may not have been reading them. They might have intuitively sensed the DANGER—a danger arising out of even Ethical E-commerce. 

This is perhaps more dangerous than even the Piracy. The E-piracy is also an E-commerce. But such commerce can be prevented (or significantly threatened) by the Legislation. 

But what will happen with the e-Bookstore e-Commerce? 

Can Publishers ever take LEGAL action against the E-bookstore concept??—The conceptual/philosophical answer is a Big NO.—Because they are all Ethical;-)

In the West, companies like 
  • Amazon
  • Apple
  • etc
have started transmitting BOOKS on the E-book-E-commerce basis. And this 2E together is the THREAT.

In history (maybe I'm using the word a little advance)—each typical publisher had connection to B nos of bookstores & each of these physical stores had, say on average, N nos of physical book copies for sale (by the given publisher). Thus the publisher had BxN nos of book copies floated in the market.

Now the e-Stores provide N^ copies where N^ is practically/virtually INFINITE. 

Thus even if a publisher uses Amazon as the only e-Bookstore to connect (i.e. B=1) the availability of books becomes BxN = 1 x N^ = 1 x infinity = INFINITY.

This is exciting apparently.

But paradoxically, here lies the source of a radical NEW problem. Which seemingly threatens the Publishers. As the e-Bookstores become independent of the Publishers (for future supply of the same book) & enormously powerful.♦

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