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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Does E-concept threaten the Publishers?


Nirupam Banerjee, India

The less cost @ E-concept of Book means...; what does it mean?

It means the Printing presses & the Binding shops & the physical Bookstores & the Dealers & the Distributors would be ELIMINATED from the landscape of the new Publishing Industry.

But the Publishers? (Who are at the centre of the Industry?) Do they still believe they will do survive this THREAT??

Publishers can survive only if their last resource—their PUBLICITY expertise—the most intangible skill in their profession—can't be ever overtaken by the Internet.

Almost anyone in the Industry now senses that the Internet essentially threatens ANY middleman between the Writer & the Reader!

But some are still hopeful that since the Publishers do possess an 'intangible' quality called the PUBLICITY skill, the technical Internet can never override this subtle role of their profession.

But the Internet also evolves just as the E-book evolves. For example, Google & Social-networking sites (together) are systematically starting to RIVAL even this much coveted historic skill of the Publishers. I'm not saying that Google or Facebook or Twitter (alone or in combination) has already won. But they can favour certain types of authors in this new landscape of Publishing. Look, many blogs are popular. They don't earn money. (Because they are not as synthetic as a book.) But they drive significant traffic even with their scattered performance! Had any publishers or celebrities endorsed/approved them? Often the answer is: No.

And yet they have picked up in the publicity skill.

This is perhaps because this is 21st century. And, and still, the Internet still evolves.♦ 

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