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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Is the New Copyright-Law just the start of even more things to come?

Is the New Copyright-Law 
just the start 
of even more things to come?

Nirupam Banerjee, India

The NEW copyright-legislation in Norway is now spreading like a viral fever throughout the planet. Irish Government takes steps. UK-situation improves. Finland perhaps also proceeds. Guatemala too, on the way to legislation change/ control of the E-piracy.

And in Russia, a semi-final new law just needs a signature by Putin to go live right from tomorrow (1 August 2013+).

Are the E-pirates sidelined?

According to a person/attorney in the Norwegian Legislative Assembly: the final draft prepared is OK for the present tense; but tense situation can arise again in the future in the light of the increased availability of the broadband throughout the world and the ever faster Internet as time passes on.

The new legislation claims that it bypasses the proxy techniques of the Pirates (which according to my web designer is just a matter of 2 minutes, the same contents being shifted to just a different URL and a relocation link indicated). A major INNOVATION in the world of law, from Norway, is that the site-blocking would not only take place at the ISP level but it also won't be the one that can be circumvented.

But the emerging new technologies of the FUTURE, like the cloud, may be a safe haven for the E-pirates, in the years to come—the legislator warns.        

Who knows, that it's not a DIPLOMACY on the part of the Legislators? By indirectly encouraging the Pirates (with this delicate statement uploaded in the Internet publicly) the law-makers might just want to trap the still-enthusiastic pirates finally in the cloud concept of the Internet. Where their new Intellect could be newly tackled in even the 'future to come'. 

The tech-savvy AND possibly diplomatic legislators, may have one more weapon in the offing.♦

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